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1. It’s Not Unusual
2. This Misery (edit)
3. Friend
4. Anything But Love by
Dr. John & Angela McCluskey
5. The Battle Won by
6. Brokedown Palace
7. Cure
8. Coy (New Mix)
9. Route 15 4:30AM by
Shark ‘n The Smoke
10. If By Chance by
WIld Colonials feat. Cyndi Lauper
11. I’m Leaving by
Scott Roewe
12. Day Ditty by
Shudder To Think feat. Angela McCluskey
13. Evil
14. Shadows (edit) by
Los Colonials Savage
15. Victim (Instrumental)

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WILD COLONIALS - Reel Life Vol. #1

The Wild’s third album is a collection of songs and score cues from various motion pictures. Ten of the 15 tracks appearing on Compact Disc for the first time. Includes the Wild's version of Tom Jones'
It's Not Unusual, The Grateful Dead's Brokedown Palace. Plus, If By Chance feat. Cyndi Lauper, Angela & Dr. John's duet on Anything But Love. Also includes soundtrack theme’s from Shark, Paul Cantelon’s side project Tryptich (with Lili Hadyn, Martin Tillmann), and Scott Roewe.


1. Friend (Radio edit)
2. Friend (LP version)

Radio promo


COY (New Mix)

1. Coy (New Mix)

The re-mix by XXX

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Coy (New Mix)

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The Instrumentals - EP

1. The Battle Won by Tryptich
2. Route 15 4:30AM by Shark ‘n The Smoke
3. I’m Leaving by
Scott Roewe
4. Shadows (edit) by
Los Colonials Savage
5. Victim (Instrumental) by
Wild Colonials

Radio sampler; All the instrumental tracks from REEL Life vol. #1 for NAV Radio


1. Brokedown Palace
2. Brokedown Palace

The Wild’s version of the Grateful Dead, American Beauty track.

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It’s Not Unusual

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"Indie Film Gems!" – People Magazine

"For fans who can't afford a trip to Sundance." – Mean Street

"I would like to announce that I am officially blown away!" – Spill Magazine

"For movies or not, Reel Life vol. #1 is simply a great album." – EuphonyMusic News

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